Little Showers of Joy…..

tumblr_o4r8znjdL51sjodmuo1_r9_500            It was a bright, sunny morning today and the sea breeze from the main shore of carter road  flew generously through the lanes of Bandra. I wore my beige coloured frock which had small crimson flower prints. Like most of the days, this morning also I went out uptill the Pali Hill Market to get some bread, eggs, confectionery and some greens for the morning breakfast. I was carrying my lime yellow coloured  grocery basket with me to the market. I picked up few greens from the mausi on my way to the store. Bought some sweets and headed to the next store for getting some freshly baked breads from Ruby’s. Ruby’s also have a section of jar filled with candies and  sweets displayed at the counter. While I was there waiting for my bread to get packed, something strange happened right next to me,

Grubby feet, dirty hands and torn clothes,

matted unwashed hair and a dirt streaked face.

Yet on her face was an impish smile.

Her sparkling eyes peered over the counter expectantly

her tiny hands hardly reaching over the top.

He failed to notice her,she caught his attention with a knock

“Mr shopkeeper” she piped

he looked at her with a wistful smile

noticing how her hands cluched the one rupee lovingly

it was the most precious treasure for her,that he could see

“What do you want ? ” he asked

with the very same soulful eyes she looked back and asked

“Could i have some joy ? ”

something clutched painfully at his heart

something stuck in his throat

he poured every little candy he could in her little frock

and when she put the coin on the counter top

he gave it back and whispered no charge.

She looked up at him, more than words could say

the old man wept unabashedly in the corner that day…………


After the entire incident, I walked back home, made myself some sandvich and poured some coffee, sat across the window with my book and went back on the entire incident to pen it down in my diary. There is always some story to take away with you, only if you pay attention. Today I took away this….